How Numze will shake up the security guard industry

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Soon there will be a new app on the market and it is going to be extremely beneficial for businesses, organizations, individuals, and licensed security guards.

Called Numze, this Uber-like app promises to shake up the security guard industry.

The app’s motto is simple and effective: “Work when you want, work how you want.”

Numze will allow businesses, organizations, and individuals to hire licensed security guards with the touch of a finger. At the same time, licensed security guards can sign-up and start accepting work on the spot.

This new technology is truly a win-win, and will prove beneficial for all users!

Meet Numze: A first of its kind app on the market

Numze is now all the “chatter” in the security guard industry.

Everyone is now talking about Numze because this is an app that is going to change the security guard industry forever – just like Uber did for the taxi business.

For the first time in the history of the security guard industry, licensed security guards have even more flexibility to work when they want, and they also have the potential to earn more hourly.

The app is very easy to use, and offers a location-based feature so that businesses, organizations, and individuals and guards can all instantly connect and communicate.

All businesses, organizations, and individuals need to do is download the app and start offering work to licensed security guards in their area. As well, all licensed security guards need to do is “accept” or “decline” work offered through push-notifications to their personal-profile-platforms.

This new app makes hiring security as easy as 1, 2, 3!

If you own a business or need to plan your next big event, or if you are a licensed security guard, then sign up today:

You will be glad you did!

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