Looking for Security Guard Work? Join Numze and Secure Freelance Jobs, Earn More Too!

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Technology is amazing and it’s having a huge impact on everything these days, including the security guard industry.

Enter Numze – a new Uber-like app that is going to change the security world in a big way.



That’s right, licensed security guards can sign up for the app, create a profile, and start accepting work from clients right away. It doesn’t matter what city or town you live in, this app is going to grow fast, and there will be scores of freelance opportunities for everyone.

The app is amazing: it will let you set your own schedule and you will have the potential to earn more too! The app will also offer pay features – daily, weekly and biweekly – based on reviews from clients.

Yes, the app will allow you be your own boss at a better rate of pay.

The handcuffs have finally come off for licensed security guards in Canada and the USA, thanks to Numze.

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