Meet numze: Security at your fingertips

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Hiring security personnel is always top of mind for scores of organizations, and a long-time expert in the industry is making the hiring process a total cinch.

Paul Carson, who is a Toronto-based security expert, has just unveiled a new and innovative app that will allow organizations to call on security guards with the touch of a finger.

Called Numze, this app allows anyone to seek-out licensed security guards who are available for work.

The app knows users’ locations, so when they launch it a list of immediately available security guards in their area will populate. Each user has the option to request the availability of security guards with times, dates, and locations in order to help secure their business. In turn, licensed security users can register and immediately start accepting work.

Payment from organizations to security contractors is all done directly through the app. And there are strict rules in place for security contractors using the app. In the event a security contractor doesn’t show up for a shift, then they are automatically terminated from the app, and an instant refund is provided back to the organization.

Numze is an app that allows anyone to seek-out licensed security guards who are available for work.

That’s right – the app is a win-win for businesses and security contractors who are looking for steady work in their area.

Numze, which has been developed by Carson and his team at Canadian Protection Services in Ontario, is a game-changer for the security industry, and it is the first of its kind app globally.

Numze is now in its beta-testing phase in Toronto and across southern Ontario and will be fully launched internationally this fall.

“Technology is totally amazing and it has allowed us to develop a new app that will help organizations run their operations more smoothly and securely, while also helping employ licensed security contractors all around the world,” says Carson, who is armed with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

“Our new app scripts a whole new chapter in the security business as organizations now have a simpler and more efficient means of hiring security contractors. This is security when you want it and how you want it!”

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