Numze teams with to form powerhouse partnership

Freelance licensed security guards offered innovative mileage tracking app.

Licensed security guards who join Numze will no longer have to worry about tracking their mileage for business purposes, thanks to a new app that just hit the market.

You see, Numze and have entered into a unique partnership, which means that guards will now have access to the best mileage tracking technology.

Licensed security guards who sign up with Numze will get the TruxTrax app free for the first two months, and after this they will only have to pay $5.00 per month. This exclusive deal is being offered to all guards in Canada and the United Stated who sign-up to the Numze app.

This is a superb deal for guards as they will no longer have to worry about tracking their miles on the road, and they don’t have break the bank to use this new and innovative technology.

Based in Montreal, QC, TruxTrax provides daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports for users that are CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) and IRS (Internal Revenue Service) compliant.

Lev Potapov, who is the founder and owner of, says his company is thrilled to provide the app to scores of licensed security guards in Canada and the USA.

“This partnership is truly amazing for everyone,” says Potapov. “Thousands of guards nationally and internationally who join Numze will be able to accurately track their mileage with our app. We are offering our technology at a big discount and guards will also appreciate the fact that their records will be correct for tax filing purposes, but the big bonus is that they will probably get more money back at tax-time – and this is only good thing!”

Numze is an Uber-like app that is now being hailed as the next best tool for licensed security guards who are looking for work, more flexible hours, and better pay.

The Numze app will directly connect licensed security guards with clients who need private security services. Numze has offices in Hamilton, Burlington, and Toronto, and later next year the company has plans to open offices in New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles.

“Guards from across Canada and the United States will enjoy having access to TruxTrax’s app and the technology will prove highly beneficial for them as they are working freelance jobs and will need to keep all their mileage records in top-order,” says Carson. “We are very excited with our new partnership with TruxTrax and it’s truly a huge win for everyone.”

Paul Carson and Ron Hazell are the developers of this cutting-edge technology, and each have over 30 years of experience in the security guard industry.

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